Mold is one of the numerous bad conditions affecting your ability to sell a property in Phoenix, AZ. With about 70% of homes having some kind of mold, it can be a pretty common issue.

While remediation and removal services can generally be affordable, the condition of the house you want to sell might be so severe that you end up paying more than you can get for the property.

If you feel discouraged about selling the house, you can rest assured that there are solutions to get a guaranteed cash offer for it — regardless of its mold condition. Here’s a closer look at the different kinds of mold that can affect your home and what you can do to sell your house as-is.

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What Types of Mold Affects Houses in Phoenix, Arizona?

Different types of molds form when your indoor space has excess moisture somewhere, giving the mold the ideal environment to thrive. Some types of mold that commonly form indoors include:

  • Alternaria: Experts commonly associate this type of mold with allergies. It is also a critical risk factor for asthma.
  • Aspergillus: Approximately 40 species of this type of mold can infect humans, particularly in their lungs and sinuses. These infections can spread to other parts of the body.
  • Black Mold: Also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, constant exposure to this mold may lead to various dermatological and respiratory symptoms.
  • Cladosporium: This common type of mold can lead to different fungal infections, particularly phaeohyphomycosis and pneumonia.
  • Penicillium: Different species of this mold target specific body organs, which may induce certain diseases, such as skin lesions, anemia, asthma, and pneumonia.

Potential home buyers worry about the health conditions they might get if they buy a moldy house. You must take action as soon as you see any sign of mold problems in your house. Moreover, disclosing the existence of mold (past or present) in your home is necessary as a responsible home seller.

How To Tell if Your House Has Mold

sell phoenix property nowAccording to the Arizona Department of Health Services, you can assume that your house has a mold problem if it smells musty or has visible mold. You can almost always confirm the presence of mold if allergic individuals experience reactions or asthma symptoms when they stay in the house.

Other signs of mold include discoloration on walls and ceilings, condensation on cold surfaces, and dampness. Pay attention to your house after recent heavy rains, as there may be leaks and pockets of high humidity somewhere within your property. Removing this source of excess moisture will help eliminate the mold problem, so you can safely sell the property.

How Can I Get Rid of the House With Mold?

If you find that mold remediation services are out of your budget, but you need to sell a house, you can still get a guaranteed cash offer from as-is home buyers in Phoenix, AZ. This solution helps you sell your house quickly and close the sale as soon as you’re ready. Essentially, you will be selling to a professional real estate investor who buys houses in any condition.

Selling your house as-is also offers more convenience than a traditional real estate listing. You can skip assessing repair expenses and factoring them into your price when putting it up for sale. Instead, the as-is home buyer will pay you a fair cash offer, regardless of the property’s mold or other conditions.

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Selling a house in poor shape it has may not always make sense for your situation. That’s why our experts at Doug Hopkins are standing by to resolve any concerns you might have about this option. Feel free to discuss your property’s conditions and whether selling it as-is will be the best choice.

Final Words: Can You Sell a House As-is With Mold in Phoenix, AZ?

You can ‘sell my house fast‘  in Phoenix AZ through a reputable cash home buyer like Doug Hopkins. With decades of experience in the real estate industry, Doug can help you sell your house without worrying about the time and money that traditional real estate listing requires. Contact us now to get a fair cash offer for your home today.

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