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Doug Hopkins has earned glowing reviews from customers around the world, with feedback available on sites such as Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and Google Reviews. Here are just a few of the wonderful things people had to say about Doug’s work.

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Just 1 review 5 star rating of  example of people like you we help everyday.

Mike, a customer of Doug Hopkins, was in need of a quick and secure transaction to sell his home. After some negotiations, he signed a contract for a sale price that was 15% lower than the traditional sale would have been. Despite the housing market in Scottsdale tanking during the two-month escrow period, Doug Hopkins and his team honorably held to their commitment. As a result of their integrity, Mike was able to pocket an additional $50,000 from the falling market prices. To Mike, Doug and his team were a valuable resource, providing him with the security and assurance he needed for his sale and he is exceedingly grateful for their service – Mike”

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Karin When looking to make a move from Arizona to Wisconsin, Doug Hopkins and his team at Property Wars (A&E) seemed like the ideal solution for selling our home. Upon initial contact, Josh Barton provided us with an estimate of our home’s sale price range, and after a tour of the property, a mutually acceptable offer was made. Throughout the process, we were met with friendly, professional, prompt, honest, forthright, responsive, knowledgeable, and accommodating service from the team. We had no fees or commissions, and the closing date was established quickly; funds were transferred on the closing date without delay. The entire experience was incredibly easy and gave us a great sense of ease. We would highly recommend Doug Hopkins and his team for any property sale

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  • sell my house fast as isI had the pleasure of working with Josh from Doug Hopkins and it was a great experience. His level of professionalism was impressive and he provided us with a very reasonable offer. Their price was competitive and they were very helpful with our search for a suitable property. We had virtually no issues with our transaction and would highly recommend Doug Hopkins and, in particular, Dillon Martin to anyone looking for a realtor in the Valley.

For years, Doug Hopkins has been providing fast cash offers to Arizona homeowners who need to “sell my house fast“. With glowing reviews and an authentic website, www.doughopkins.com, Doug Hopkins is the premier cash home buyer in the Phoenix area. Discover the reasons why his services are so highly sought after.

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