When you sell a house, you must undergo a rigorous process involving numerous steps. One of these is verifying titles, a critical action to ensure that you legally own a property. It’s a major part of due diligence, so if you encounter any issues, you might not be able to sell the home at all. If you’re unable to sell your house because of title issues, you could hurt yourself financially. The longer it goes unsold, the more you’ll pay, thanks to rising mortgage rates. So what can you do instead? You can sell it to Doug Hopkins! We buy houses with cash as-is, even if they have title issues. Contact us today to get a quick, 24-hour cash offer!

City of Phoenix LogoWhat Are Title Issues?

Titles are critical because they serve as legal proof that someone owns a property. Due to different factors, these titles can have errors or be called into question, making it harder for owners to sell the home. Here are some of the most common title issues you may encounter:

    1. Undiscovered Liens – A lien is a legal claim allowing someone to obtain property rights for someone else’s unpaid debt. Previous owners can have this issue, especially if they aren’t paying attention to their finances. In some cases, you might not have even been aware that a third party has a lien on your property or a portion of it.
    2. Missing Will or Heirs – There are cases when an estate is sold because there isn’t a will that can determine the rightful heirs. Those who eventually purchase the property will be the owners, but their legal rights can be challenged if the will is ultimately discovered. The state is entitled to sell the property if a will has named heirs who are missing or unknown. However, if these missing heirs return, they could also challenge the current owner.
    3. Incorrect/Inaccurate Public Records – Unfortunately, human or clerical errors can still occur when writing property deeds or surveys. These are usually accidents, but the mistakes can still cause many issues for homeowners. For one, their ownership can be questioned, and the effort to correct the error will cost them time, money, and resources.
    4. Boundary Disagreements – Surveys are crucial during real estate transactions to help determine the exact boundaries of a property. In most cases, a seller can conduct one per the request of a buyer. However, even with survey results, neighbors can still question the boundaries of a property if another survey indicates otherwise. With this, they can try to assert ownership of certain areas, leading to title issues.
    5. Forgeries and Illegal Deeds – There are many ways that a title can be legally challenged. For example, suppose past documents were signed by illegal immigrants, individuals of unsound minds, or underaged persons. In that case, the current owner is at risk of losing their claim on the property. Forged documents and fabricated titles will also jeopardize ownership and enforceability of previous property deeds.
    6. Access Trapped Equity – sell phoenix property nowCurrent mortgage interest rates are rising, so the longer you’re unable to sell a home, the more you lose financially. That’s why title issues are such a big hassle. This problem can also undo months of effort to make the property appealing to potential buyers. To avoid these issues and access trapped equity, your best option is to sell to Doug Hopkins — the fastest, safest choice!

Sell Your Property Fast With Doug Hopkins

We buy your house fast in three easy steps!

        1. Contact us and request a free cash offer.
        2. Get your offer within 24 hours.
        3. Cash your check and celebrate. Sold!

No more worrying about title issues and other problems like back taxes and repairs. Doug Hopkins will buy distressed properties in Phoenix, Arizona as is and in any condition. Whether there’s fire damage, flood or water damage, tax liens, or major upgrades needed, we’ll take it off your hands.

sell my house fast as isTake advantage of our quick and easy solution to sell my house fast. You can eliminate all the hassle associated with selling and marketing a residential or rental property. These include:

        • Cleaning
        • Staging
        • Having strangers in your home
        • Considering offers that may or may not close
        • Buyers backing out at the last minute
        • Packing and moving your possessions according to the buyer’s schedule

With 16+ years of experience and more than 10,000 houses sold, the results speak for themself. Contact us now to get your free cash offer!

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