In this fast-paced world, relocating is nothing new. Whether you’re moving for work, a promotion, or to be close to family, doing so can be challenging, especially if you’re leaving behind a house in Arizona. Even if relocating is the next best step, you’ll have to decide what to do with your Phoenix house.

You may wish to sell the house but lack the time and energy to prepare it for the market. Thankfully, you can sell your Phoenix house fast for cash as-is without worrying about renovation, upgrades, or preparing it for listing. Doug Hopkins is your ultimate solution; we’ll take care of the repairs and purchase your home as-is. You’ll know the amount of cash you can expect to receive upfront, and we’ll take care of the closing charges so you don’t have to.

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Relocation Issues – Home Selling and Home Buying at the Same Time!

As a Phoenix homeowner who needs to relocate, selling your home and buying a new one is very difficult and complex. Due to Arizona’s present real estate market conditions, many homeowners find themselves in the unfavorable situation of needing to acquire a new property while simultaneously trying to sell their old one. To buy a new house within a very short period, you must find a home buyer as soon as possible for your Phoenix property.

With us, this is no longer an issue.

Home Sale and Relocation Problems

The most typical problems that Arizonan homeowners encounter are not being able to qualify for a new property or having two mortgages since the homeowner completed the purchase of the new home before selling the old one, leaving them with two payments. The majority of your household finances can suffer as a result of this.

The requirement to get the house ready for market is another reason Arizona homeowners are struggling to sell their homes while undergoing relocation. Arizona’s real estate market is so fiercely competitive that you must go above and beyond to sell your house. Upgrades, renovations, painting, and other projects can be both expensive and time demanding, especially if you need to move quickly. The best solution is to sell your Phoenix house fast for cash.

Allow Doug Hopkins, one of the top real estate cash buyers in the western United States, to assist you with your home sale and relocation problems.

Cash Home Sales Facilitate Quicker Relocation

Instead of spending more time and money preparing your property for the Arizona market, selling it for cash will help you quickly get it off your hands. This will solve your dilemma of waiting for a home buyer to purchase your Arizona property, allowing you to concentrate on moving and purchasing a new home.

No Need for Repairs, We’ll Buy Your House As-Is

In the Arizona market, repairs are one of the most prevalent needs. Your home needs to be in excellent condition in order to get traction in the real estate market. As a result, you have to invest in a house inspection. However, expensive surprises, like new roofing or water damage, painting, plumbing problems, and other expensive damages may be found, leaving you distressed.

With Doug Hopkins, we purchase your home in its current state; whether it needs extensive repairs or even in probate. You can concentrate on moving and finding a new home because you won’t need to spend any time or effort making repairs to your Arizona home.

Zero Commissions or Fees

Given the intense competition in the Phoenix Arizona real estate market, you will require the assistance of a sales agent if you plan to list your Arizona house. It should be no surprise that using sales agents will require you to pay significant commissions and fees when selling your home. Depending on how challenging it is to sell your home, some agents may want a large commission. This will considerably impact your total sale and budget.

We don’t play any games at Doug Hopkins; there won’t be any hidden fees or commissions paid to sales agents or companies. You’ll be informed upfront about how much cash you can expect to get, and for your convenience, we’ll take care of the closing costs and other fees.

No-Risk Free Cash Offer

Any size, bad condition, and any condition — we buy houses. Within 24 hours or less, we will make you a free, no-obligation cash offer. You can choose your closing date if you need more time, but we can buy your house in as little as 7 days. Whether it needs repair, is in probate, bad shape, or is in excellent condition, you’ll be in control and decide when it closes.

sell my house fast as isSell for Cash Right Now

With just three simple steps, you won’t need to worry about having trouble selling your Arizona property while searching for a new one elsewhere.

  1. Request a free cash offer
  2. Accept your cash offer
  3. Cash your check

For hundreds of homeowners each year who want to sell their house fast, Doug Hopkins and his team specialize in buying foreclosure properties, short sales, and purchases of short-sale homes. They make complex transactions possible and accessible for all homeowners in Arizona.   Just read the Doug Hopkins reviews.

Contact us today for more information and to get a no-risk, no-obligation, totally free cash offer for your property.

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