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Doug Hopkins is known as one of the top cash buyers of property in the Southwest.

With more than 10,000 successful property transactions under his name, Doug’s experience in real estate is truly impressive. His presence in the hit series Property Wars on the Discovery Channel has given him a reputation as one of the most sought-after agents in America.

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We will provide you with an fast cash offer on your Phoenix Arizona property within a day. We specialize in purchasing homes of all shapes and sizes, from distressed structures to new houses – it’s the fastest and easiest path to obtain a quick cash offer for your home. There is no easier way to ‘sell my house fast Phoenix’!” – Doug Hopkins

Why Doug?

Doug is one of the top realtors, not just in the city, but the country. Several national and local television shows have featured him as a real estate expert. If he seems familiar, you’ve probably seen him on Property Wars — one of Discovery Channel’s biggest hits.

He earned his high school diploma at Mountain View High School in Mesa. Not long after, he graduated from Arizona State University with a major in real estate. Afterward, in 1994, he obtained his real estate license.

In 2004, he founded Red Brick Realty and RedBrick Realty Property Management — a team that later grew to 90 members. When Doug Sold the company to Realty Executives in 2017, it was closing over 1,000 real estate transactions annually.

Today, Doug still does what he loves: being a real estate champion. He teamed up with My Group Home to serve the needs of homeowners and property owners looking to “sell my home fast”.

Doug Hopkins is a one of a kind cash house buyer in Arizona. You can’t find a quicker, more accurate appraisal anywhere else in the city. If you’re ready to sell your home for cash, you can trust Doug to give you your home’s worth.

Benefits of a Fast Cash Offer for your home:

Have you been contemplating the idea of selling your property for cash in its current condition? Here are the advantages of doing so:

  • Avoid Delays – Often, it takes a considerable amount of time to put a house on the market due to necessary renovations. Activities like fixing the roof, patching up walls, or enhancing the landscape entail hiring the appropriate professionals, securing equipment, or purchasing materials.

But by deciding to sell as-is, these repair concerns vanish. Just present your property’s specifics for a review, and you’ll obtain a reasonable cash proposal for the repairs you still need to undertake.

  • Cut Down on Costs – Attempting to rectify every fault in your residence might drain your pockets. Unearthing one problem could lead to multiple others. An as-is cash sale is a suitable alternative for those who wish to sell but lack the funds for such outlays.
  • Experience a Quick Cash Sale – Typically, navigating through the sale of a Phoenix home is a complex journey filled with myriad documents and uncertainties. And sometimes, it could take a lengthy period before marking a property as sold.

Yet, by choosing a cash deal, you can accelerate this procedure. This avenue eliminates the requirement for evaluations or home loan processes. Moreover, concerns related to financing institutions or refusals need to be addressed.

  1. Sidestep the Intrusion of Unfamiliar Faces – Having numerous unknown Realtors touring their house may be boring for some. For homeowners who resonate with this sentiment, bypassing real estate showings is possible by seeking cash offers from trusted cash home buyers Phoenix, AZ, like Doug Hopkins.
  2. Reduce Hazards – Cash offers could be safer for those wishing to offload their assets than conventional avenues. As the homeowner, an as-is sale means you aren’t left hanging, waiting for potential buyers, thus providing tranquility.

Sell Your Home As-Is For Cash Today

If you’re changing jobs, undergoing divorce, moving to a safer community, or need some money, consider selling your home as-is for cash. It’s the fastest, most affordable, and most hassle-free way to start the moving process.
Need to sell a home quick? Request am easy cash offer above or call/text (602) 567-1505.

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