Buy My House, Cash Buyers in AZ

Buy My House, Cash Buyers in AZ  Buy My House Fast for Cash You’ve probably seen signs like these at the side of the 101 in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, stapled to a telephone pole in East [...]

People Who Buy Houses For Cash

We’ll Buy Your Home If You Live In Arizona   If you want your house to sell fast, you might not have time to sell it using a conventional real estate listing. Luckily, there’s an [...]

American Greed

A few months ago I was approached by the CNBC and producers of American Greed, which is obviously known as a show that no one really wants to get a call to be part of. They were headed out to [...]

The Complete 360 Guide to Probate Homes

What are Probate Home Sales? Why Would You Want to Buy Them! There is one thing you can do to become a house flipper and be successful at it. You must find properties that are good and worth [...]