Are You Tired of Being a Landlord? Ready to Sell Your Phoenix Rental Property? 

sell my house fast as isHaving a rental property is an excellent and reliable source of income. But as a landlord or property owner, you’ll need to make some effort to earn the income you want. In most cases, it’s easy work. However, there are times when leasing a property in Phoenix, Arizona, takes too much effort, time, and resources. It becomes more of a hassle than an asset, so you start thinking of ways to get rid of it.

So how do you move on from being a landlord and take back control of your life? By selling your rental property! There are many ways to do this, including selling it from a cash buyer like Doug Hopkins. It’s an easy solution, even if you have existing tenants. Keep reading to learn how or read our Doug Hopkins reviews.

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Problems That a Landlord Might Face 

A rental property might seem like a tremendous passive income-generating machine, but it’s not without risks. It needs to be managed, maintained, and even upgraded to maximize the returns. Then some problems come with leasing a property, which can sometimes be the ultimate dealbreaker for landlords.

Major Repairs Needed 

A house is not immune to damages, no matter how high-quality the materials or sturdy the designs may be. Constant exposure to the elements, natural disasters like severe storms, and human activity can all cause damage to your rental property. Of course, you’ll need to repair these to keep your tenants safe and the structure compliant with laws.

But there are times when the upkeep is not worth it. For example, entire roof replacements, new HVAC systems, and security upgrades can require more resources than you can realistically provide. When this happens, it’s sometimes easier to sell the property than endure all the hassle.

Problem Tenants

You can be as thorough about screening applicants as you want, but it isn’t easy to guarantee that someone is a high-quality tenant. Some of the bad ones will slip through and cause mayhem to your operations. The worst ones are the irresponsible and troublesome tenants, with their shenanigans leading to constant repairs and maintenance. Some are too noisy or uncooperative, which can cause other tenants to complain and leave.

Then some cannot pay rent or repeatedly ask for extensions. While it’s understandable that they might be struggling at the moment, it can be hard to maintain good relationships with them. It might be easier to sell the property than to deal with the responsibilities. All these combined can make you feel fed up with the landlord’s role.

Unfinished Construction

Whether you’re adding new rooms or the building is not done yet, having unfinished construction on your rental property is a significant inconvenience. First, it exposes a good section of your property to the elements, endangering the entire structure and the tenants. And when the construction work is finally on the way, renters might also complain about the noise and activity on the property.

Another problem with unfinished construction is that you’ll have to fund it. If it’s a property you never wanted in the first place (like an inheritance), then you’ll have to shell out money to finance the project. Selling it is the most sensible route if you don’t want all the hassle.

Accidental Landlords

As mentioned above, some people never intended to become a landlord in the first place. Some inherited the property, some moved away from home after a major life event, and then those who’ve moved on to a new property but cannot sell their old one. Renting an unoccupied house is an excellent way to earn income, especially if the mortgage is still unpaid.

There’s a lot to do, and it will get overwhelming quickly. However, not everyone has the skills or time to be proper landlords. The property will require constant maintenance; applicants must be screened, and tenants will have many concerns and requests. In addition, the property can turn into a source of negative cash flow.

Unreliable Property Management Companies reviews

Doug Hopkins Reviews

You can hire a property management company to handle the operations of your rental property, but there’s still a risk of mismanagement and neglect. These businesses oversee several homes all at once, so it’s not surprising that they make mistakes, no matter how good they are at their job. When this happens, you may face many problems and overwhelming work to resolve on your own.

On the other hand, paying these professionals will take a good chunk of your income. So instead of working with property managers, you can choose to sell the home rather than leave it at that.

Is It Difficult to Sell With an Agent?

One way to sell your house is with a realtor or real estate agent. But it might not always work out. There are a few problems that are specific to selling rental property. For example:

  • A realtor might be hesitant to show potential buyers a property with existing tenants.
  • They might assume that the home is not in the best condition.
  • In most cases, lease agreements don’t change even with new owners, reducing the property’s appeal.

It might be better to check out other options, like selling your home to a cash buyer.

City of Phoenix LogoWhy Sell Your Rental Property to a Cash Buyer?

Here are some advantages of selling your house to a cash buyer like us.

  1. We buy direct from you; no agent required.
  2. We buy houses as-is, in any condition, in good or bad shape
  3. We pay cash on the spot
  4. We take the headache of dealing with tenants away

Sell Your Rental Property to Doug Hopkins

Sell your Phoenix rental property fast with us! We buy all types of properties in Phoenix, Arizona, and nearby areas like Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Chandler. Whether these are distressed rental properties and fixer-uppers or ones with termite damage and foundation issues, we’ll purchase them. Then, with our quick cash offers, you can get rid of the property and leave your worries behind. Follow the steps below.

  1. Get in touch: Contact us to get your offer! You can also fill out our contact form so we can get more details about you.
  2. Receive offer: We’ll get back to you immediately and ask for more information about the property. Then, we’ll come over to assess the home and make a cash offer.
  3. Close on your time: No fees and no obligations. Please let us know your preferred closing time, and we’ll follow your schedule.

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Owning a rental property is not always for everyone. Sometimes, the hassle of daily operations, general maintenance, and unruly tenants creates more problems you don’t want to deal with. So get rid of all the hassle by selling the property to a cash buyer like Doug Hopkins. Call us now for a free cash offer to sell my house fast!

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