Problem With Your Deed? We’ll Buy Your House!

City of Phoenix LogoAt Doug Hopkins, we buy houses in Phoenix, Arizona with deed problems. Simply request a free cash offer for your house, regardless of the deed situation you might be facing. As cash home buyers, we understand why people want to “sell my house fast“. Skip the lengthy, traditional real estate market processes and get cash for your house as-is. in as quick as a week!

Deed Problems We Can Help With

Here are some common problems that homeowners face regarding the deed to their property:

  • Public Record Errors: There may have been a problem with the county clerk’s office that unfortunately affected your deed. Resolving them can be expensive and time-consuming; you would have to gather evidence of your home ownership and present them to the public records office.
  • Other Owners: You may or may not be aware that other people have rights to the property you intend to sell. These third parties could limit your homeowner rights, affecting your decision to sell the home.
  • Boundary Disputes: Much like homes that turn out to have other owners, some parts of your property may belong to other people because of inconsistent surveys. These people could claim those portions and dispute your decision to sell.
  • Forgeries: Some deeds may have fabricated information, affecting your right to sell the property. Impersonations are also common, which also risk your legal claim to a property. Forgeries and impersonations can be difficult to navigate and may require legal action to resolve.
  • Illegal Titles: Unbeknownst to you, your deed may be illegal but somehow made its way on print. Some instances of illegal deeds involve minors, undocumented immigrants, or persons of unsound mind signing the title.
  • Undiscovered Will: Sometimes, final wills from deceased homeowners come to light just when you decide to sell your property. These wills that suddenly turn up would extend the selling process.
  • Missing Heirs: Some scenarios may involve property going to heirs once original owners die. These heirs could be missing, which would complicate matters and lengthen the process of getting the right to sell a house.
  • Unknown Easements: There may be laws preventing you from accessing specific parts of your land. At the same time, businesses and government agencies could access those parts. In turn, these easements affect your ability to sell the property.
  • Unknown Liens: Your home may have liens that you did not know about. This issue occurs when the previous owner failed to manage their property debts, which unfortunately end up becoming your problem.
Sell Phoenix Houses with Deed Problems

Sell Phoenix Houses with Deed Problems

These issues are only glimpses of what could come up when you are selling your property. You may face uncommon situations that challenge your right to sell a property.

How We Help

We at Doug Hopkins are cash home buyers, meaning we are in the business of purchasing properties for cash, regardless of their conditions. Whether homeowners face deed problems or need home repairs, we buy homes as they are.

At Doug Hopkins, we are ready to give you a fair price for any property you are selling, regardless of the deed problems you face. We understand that all you want to do is sell your house, get your money, and move on. We take the time to craft a fair price according to your deed situation.

sell my house fast as isWe determine the best price that works for you when you sell the house. At the same time, we assess how much you would end up spending when resolving your deed issues. We then calculate the difference, which is the cash you would instantly earn when you sell your house to us.

Sell Your House and Get Cash

We buy houses with deed problems and any condition that might make them difficult to sell. Deed problems, home renovations, and expensive repairs are only some of the issues that extend the process of selling your home.

Allow us to assess your home today and determine the price that works for you. We can assure you that you can sell your house immediately, deed problems and all: no more spending months and hundreds of dollars to resolve your situation. Get a free guaranteed cash offer from Doug Hopkins today!

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