Does Selling My Phoenix Home Affect Arizona Child Support?

Selling your Phoenix home while navigating the complexities of Arizona’s child support system can feel like walking a tightrope — akin to balancing between the interests of your family’s future and your financial obligations. As a skilled tightrope walker maintains their equilibrium, you must handle your property transactions precisely. At Doug Hopkins, we come to the aid of every homeowner who says, “I need help selling my Phoenix Property,” regardless of their unique circumstances.

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Common Called Enforcement Actions for Collecting Child Support

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) report highlighted that in the fiscal year of 2021, parents contributed a substantial sum of USD 32.7 billion toward child support. An impressive 96% of these funds reached the intended families, with two-thirds of that support (66%) being conveniently transferred via income withholding from employee paychecks.

Aside from income withholding, several other enforcement actions secure child support. Wage garnishment is when the employer directly allots a portion of a non-custodial parent’s earnings to the custodial parent. Tax refund interception is another tool where federal and state tax refunds cover overdue child support payments. In extreme cases, non-compliant parents might face contempt of court charges, potentially leading to incarceration.

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Property Liens and Unpaid Child Support

Property liens serve as another method to enforce child support payments. These liens are legal claims filed by a creditor, in this case, the custodial parent or child support agency, against the property of a non-custodial parent with overdue child support. If the non-custodial parent owns real estate, a lien can be placed upon it, securing the debt by using the property as collateral. The parent can only sell or refinance the property after satisfying the outstanding child support owed.

Can I Sell My Home If I Owe Child Support?

Selling a house when you owe child support is possible, though it can present challenges. Traditional sales may become complex as you must satisfy the lien before the sale can close. Essentially, proceeds from the sale pay off the child support arrears first.

When considering a traditional sale, being transparent about the lien with potential buyers and real estate professionals is crucial, as it can extend closing times and potentially sour negotiations. Recently, the median sale price of residences in Phoenix hit USD 445,000, marking an 8.5% increase from the previous year. This amount could help satisfy a lien, but the housing market in Phoenix is moderately competitive, and a lien could make it more challenging to sell your home.

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Who Buys Houses With Liens Against Them?

Home investors and companies specialize in purchasing Arizona properties with liens. Unlike real estate agents, these buyers are ready to buy the property as-is, even with debts attached. In Phoenix, where the top real estate agent has a volume of USD 268,278,649, these buyers could be a viable option. Selling to a homebuyer provides the following advantages:

  • Closing faster (even within a week)
  • Selling the house as-is without making repairs or renovations
  • There is no need to list or market the property, saving on agent fees and commissions
  • Cash offers with no financing contingencies, ensuring a smooth sale process

Get an Idea of the Value With Our Free Cash Offer

Savvy homebuyers like Doug Hopkins help homeowners recognize the worth of their homes through a free cash offer that mirrors the current market value of the property, minus any associated debts like liens. This unbinding offer provides a clear benchmark, allowing you to make informed decisions when selling your home to fulfill your child support obligations while safeguarding your assets.

If you’re contemplating selling your Phoenix home amidst child support concerns, here are the steps you can take with Doug Hopkins:

  • Step 1: Request a Free Cash Offer
  • Step 2: Accept or Decline Offer
  • Step 3: Close the Deal and Receive Payment
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