selling unwanted poperties in the Phoenix Metro AreaIf selling your home was compared to an action movie, you would sometimes feel like the hero. At other times, you would feel like the random pedestrian who gets a car dropped on them. According to experts, the Phoenix area has experienced a marked increase in home prices. It has been higher than most other major US cities. For this reason, now is a good time for some homeowners to sell. But not for everybody.

Even when the market favors sellers, there are nice homes that are modern and ready for immediate sale that sit idle on the market for months. There might be an enormous gulf between what the homeowner wants for their property and what real estate agents say it is valued at. This can be disheartening, especially if homeowners put time and money into remodeling their home.


Real estate is competitive. Homeowners have no guarantee of success.

This has led savvy sellers in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, especially those who need to sell fast or who have a distressed property, to use a professional house buyer. A local home buyer can help you sell a property quickly. They use their resources and experience to cut through the red tape and get properties sold quickly.

If you have a home in Phoenix, AZ, that you want to sell, it is disheartening to have a realtor tell you it is not worth as much as you thought. A home in Phoenix may be appraised for $233,000. However, there is no guarantee a realtor is going to value the home the same. Many Realtors won’t put a home on the market until tens of thousands of dollars in renovations have been done.

sell my house fast Peoria AZWhen an agent or prospective buyer looks at your home, they evaluate things like its size, location, neighborhood, and number of rooms. They will pay attention to infrastructure, including the roof, appliances, foundation, plumbing, and more.

If your house looks dated because it has things like popcorn ceilings, your listing agent might ask you to change them before the home goes on the market.

Do not forget that when you use a Realtor, you will pay approximately six percent in fees and closing costs of approximately three percent. You will spend between $400 and $800 on appraisals, escrow, and inspection. Once you do the math, you might realize that the money you are walking away with is a lot less than what you want to sell it for.

If you need to sell your home quickly in Arizona, what can you do? If you need to get rid of a distressed home before you are hit with unsustainable expenses that will require time to repair and drain your bank account, you need to take immediate action. Your goal should be to preserve what you have for the future.

Buy My HouseYou might benefit from talking to a professional house buyer in Phoenix, Arizona. Doug Hopkins is a person that specializes in helping people in the Phoenix area to sell a distressed home fast. With a house buyer, your house will be purchased directly from you as-is in any condition.

Doug Hopkins is not looking for someone to purchase your home. Unlike picky, critical real estate agents, a professional homebuyer will give you a fair cash offer for your home as-is. They will not give you a list of expensive improvements and repairs you need to do. You can close on the sale in as little as a few days.

The housing market is in a constant state of high valuations. Now is a great time to sell your Phoenix, Arizona home. But the market might change tomorrow. Employment is on the rise in Phoenix. However, new home manufacturing is slowing down and COVID has not left us. This means the value of existing properties is on the rise.

Don’t get left in the dust. If you have home in poor shape that you want to sell now without investing tens of thousands of dollars and months of your time, contact a cash homebuyer today. This might be the perfect solution to your needs. So call us today or request an offer online.

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