Tips for Selling a Home Quickly in the Time of COVID 

There is nothing more crucial than health precautions and overall safety amid the ongoing public health crisis, but our team wants to emphasize the fact that it is still possible to sell a home quickly for cash during COVID-19 shutdowns. If you have long wished to sell your home fast, or the pandemic has raised new burdens that have prompted your decision, we stand ready to help get you where you need to be. We remain open for business and are prepared to do what it takes to assist with your home selling journey.

Because we are highly cognizant of the need to maintain social distancing and heed public health guidance, we have made some key changes to how we operate. This ensures that we are still able to offer the same level of service to our clients. We take advantage of technology to utilize online documentation, photography, and virtual meeting spaces. Our Arizona professionals are committed to doing all we can to ease the process of property dispositions so that your post-COVID situation is the best it can be.

COVID-Safe Business Processes

The first step in our traditional process has remained the same. All you need to do is to complete our online cash offer form or contact us by calling 602-567-1505. After a short phone discussion, we will have the information necessary to assess whether your property is likely to be a match for a fast cash offer and whether a deal may be possible.

Generally, the next step would be for us to schedule an onsite appointment to ask additional questions about the property and conduct a standard walk through. This is when you would have a chance to ask questions of our representatives and learn more about how our deals typically work. While the present public health situation certainly complicates matters, we can still complete this step, doing so virtually instead. The bottom line, though, is that we will still be ready and willing to answer any and all questions and take the aforementioned “tour” of the property with your help. Whether via photos you have taken or perhaps a FaceTime or Zoom walk through, we will be able to gather the information we need to make the best possible offer for your home.

After assessing the video, photos, and other details you provide, we will come up with a fair purchase offer that meets both parties’ needs. If you accept the cash offer we put forth, closing can be scheduled quickly, whether right away or after you are able to secure your next move. The wonders of modern technology make it surprisingly easy to conduct real estate transactions even when social distancing measures are required.

sell my house Scottsdale AZHome Sales in Tumultuous Times

While it is impossible to accurately predict what will happen in the coming days, especially with regard to the housing market, there is no doubt that selling properties amid the pandemic has been a challenge. Mortgage lenders have pulled back, prospective borrowers have become unemployed, savings have dwindled, and in person home showings have all but halted due to social distancing protocols. It is therefore difficult to know what to expect once things return to relative normality. If you are able to wait to sell my house fast until then, you will probably command a higher price than you might right now, but if circumstances require you to sell now, we can still help.

If you are interested in receiving a cash purchase offer for your property, but are diligent about maintaining social distance, fear not! You can still remain in your COVID-safe house and allow us to help you to get the answers you need.

Beginning the Process

Our process for home sellers may not require an in person visit, something which has become all the more valuable during the time of COVID. Anyone interested in selling a home simply needs to visit our contact page and submit a bit of preliminary information. We need little more than your name and a way to get in touch, and we can take it from there. While we are vigilant about social distancing recommendations, we still have the ability to deliver top quality service to every client with whom we engage.

After we receive your contact details, we will get in touch and the process of getting cash in your hands will be fully underway. You simply do not need to wait until the Coronavirus crisis has passed in order to move forward with arranging a sale. We have what it takes to collaborate on a deal immediately and help resolve your financial concerns. What’s more, because you might face challenges when it comes to relocating during the pandemic, we can work together to find a way to accommodate your unique needs.

Delay No Longer!

Though the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused you to second guess your interest in selling a home at this point in time, there are actually a number of reasons why a cash home buyer deal makes sense now more than ever before. We are committed to facilitating a smooth transaction even during coronavirus shutdowns. There is no reason to use the services of a conventional real estate agent or to pay costly commissions.

Middlemen need not be part of the process. Instead, you have the power to work with us directly, sell your Phoenix house quicky, and receive cash right away rather than hoping a purchaser obtains the bank financing they need. You can also sidestep the need to make expensive home repairs or improvements before taking a property to market. No staging, photography, or landscaping is necessary, and you can avoid the inspection process altogether, saving yourself many of the hassles that come with a traditional sale.

sell my house fast as isOur team is dedicated to making a no hassle purchase of your house as is, and in any condition. Should you have second thoughts about selling, or you decide it is best to delay your decision, you are under no obligation to proceed. There really is no risk in getting in touch with us to see what might be possible. There is no reason to allow the pandemic to derail your wish to sell your property fast for cash.

Why Choose Doug Hopkins?

Once you decide to sell your property to a cash buyer, you might be concerned about how to go about selecting the best one. It is worth noting that many cash buying companies and real estate investors have been frightened off by the unique circumstances surrounding the pandemic. Some of these investors have lost their ability to secure funding, and have therefore dropped out of the market for the time being.

Conversely, our team is comprised of seasoned real estate investors who have handled hundreds of cash transactions, and we proudly use our own funding for all of them. References and client testimonials can be provided upon request, and we want prospective sellers to know that our word really is our bond. We do not renegotiate on cash offers at the eleventh hour, and we never let deals fall through due to a lack of funds. It is critical that you choose an investor like Doug Hopkins that you can trust, and we feel strongly that we represent the very best in the industry in all of Arizona.

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