Sell Your Phoenix Home Fast to Pay for Legal Issues

Sell Phoenix Houses Fast to Pay for Legal Issues

Going through legal matters can be expensive. Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, this ordeal can upend your life and dent your wallet. The average cost of hiring a lawyer in Arizona falls between $120 and $384 per hour. While the exact sum may vary according to your case, these charges can still pile up. You may have no choice but to sell your Phoenix house fast to keep up with the costs. Get started today with our fast, free, and no-obligation cash offer.

Benefits of Selling Your Phoenix Home

There are many reasons you may want to sell your Phoenix home fast, including:


Cover Hefty Legal Expenses 

City of Phoenix LogoFirst and foremost, selling your house can help you get funds to cover various legal costs, such as lawyer fees and fines. These costs can pile up and leave you struggling to keep up with the expenses.

Most of the time, legal issues are unexpected expenses. With this in mind, you might not have anticipated this additional cost on your monthly budget. While you may have set aside an emergency fund for this type of scenario, as with any other savings account, it’s limited and might not last you until the case is closed.

One way to ensure that you can keep up with the hefty legal expenses is to sell your property in Phoenix. Plus, selling to Doug Hopkins ensures that you no longer need to spend to repair and fix issues, unlike if you’re listing your property on the market. This is because he purchases your house as-is, regardless of its condition. Hence, you can save those funds and direct them toward paying your attorney and processing other legal documents.

Get Back Your Peace of Mind

Taking care of your legal issues is a pressing matter. When you decide to sell your home to Doug Hopkins, you can enjoy a quick sale and receive the money promptly. The transaction can be completed in as short as a week. This means that you can focus your time and energy on working with your lawyer.

Selling your home for cash removes the weight of worrying about funds since you can complete the sale of your home in 7 days or less.

Sell Quickly for Cash

Another benefit of selling your home for cash is enjoying a quick sale. Since you don’t need to renovate, you can contact a potential Phoenix cash home buyer and get your home assessed.

Meanwhile, if you go the traditional route of selling your home, you will have to wait until the repairs are done before you can list your property in bad shape on the market. Then, you have to wait until potential buyers notice it. Even after that, you still have to show your house to them to prove that everything’s in order.

We only have three steps in their home-buying process, making it quick and easy. First, you request a valuation for your home on our website, which will give you an idea of how much your Phoenix property is worth. Next, you can set an appointment for a walkthrough. This is similar to setting up a viewing for your house without the pressure of having to make a good impression. Then, we’ll give you a cash offer for your home in a week or less.

sell phoenix property nowIf you want to sell your home quickly, request a free, fast, and no-obligation cash offer to sell my house fast.


Legal troubles can be burdensome on your mental and financial well-being. You can sell your Phoenix home fast and cover hefty expenses by working with a credible house buyer. At we buy homes, give you prompt payment, and give you back your peace of mind to focus on your case. If you’d like to enjoy all these benefits and more, request a free no-obligation cash offer today or read our online Doug Hopkins reviews.

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