selling unwanted poperties in the Phoenix Metro AreaDo you plan on selling your abandoned property in Arizona? If so, you need to do it fast.

Many parts of Arizona are filled with abandoned houses and lots. Phoenix, for instance, has a reputation for some of the highest abandonment rates in the state. In 2021, properties continue to be left unoccupied in the state.

If you happen to own a property you aren’t occupying and even if you’re out-of-state, selling it is a wise decision. Doing so will put cash in your hand. And, selling it to the right house buyer in Arizona can get money to you fast.

Keep reading to learn about:

  • Why you should sell your abandoned Arizona property
  • How to facilitate the sale
  • How to deal with squatters

The Top 4 Reasons To Sell Your Abandoned Property

Other than the need for cash, there are several reasons to consider putting your abandoned property up for sale. For your convenience, we at Doug Hopkins have narrowed it down to four.

#1: Abandoned Properties Can Be a Hotbed of Criminals and Criminal Activity

Unoccupied properties can be attractive to criminals or fugitives. Once they’ve determined that your property has no tenants or other inhabitants in it, they can use it as a hideout. When this occurs, it won’t be long until your property becomes a hive of criminal activity.

In Arizona, authorities can confiscate your property if criminals or criminal activity is discovered. Granted, you may not be going to jail. However, think of how you’d have made money had you sold your property earlier.

#2: The Abandoned Property Is Draining You of Money

Arizona laws require landlords or property owners to pay property taxes. Effectively, you owe the state money for the property that you own — even the one you do not occupy.

Arizona does have one of the lowest property taxes of any state at a reasonable 0.62%. Nonetheless, add in utilities, and your expenses will quickly add up and daunt you.

#3: Your Abandoned Property May Be a Threat to the Neighborhood’s Health and Safety

Abandoned property may not be well-maintained. For this reason, it can threaten the lives of the neighbors and even those who pass by.

Abandoned properties are likely to be sub-standard in their structural integrity. Unsuspecting pedestrians may be victims of falling debris or beams as a result of dilapidation. With poor property conditions also comes poor sanitation, contributing to the occurrence of illnesses like dengue and malaria.

To do the neighborhood a huge favor, you may want to sell your abandoned property to us instead.

#4: Squatters Can Occupy Your Property Indefinitely

Arizona has laws about squatter’s rights. Under the “Adverse Possession” law, squatters are able to occupy an abandoned property for up to two years. They may stay longer if their occupancy goes unchallenged.

The pro-squatter laws of Arizona can make eviction a legal headache. Hence, if you are about to leave your property, consider selling it for quick and easy money.

How To Sell Your Abandoned Property

Here are the steps to selling your abandoned property:

Step 1: Inspect It Yourself or Have It Inspected

Inspection can give you an idea of what needs to be repaired prior to the sale. The results of the inspection can also clue you in on how much you may have to spend on repairs.

You can choose to inspect your property yourself. On the other hand, a property inspector can perform the assessment, as well as the next step:

Step 2: Set The Price

Indeed, you have every right to determine the price of your abandoned property. However, let’s be realistic. Who would buy a property that’s in sub-par condition in Arizona?

This is where the eye of a property inspector can come in handy. A property inspector not only knows how to look at a property’s condition but also its value. By hiring a property inspector, you can get a near-perfect price for your abandoned property — one that buyers would be willing to pay.

Step 3: Choose Your Selling Platform

sell phoenix property nowSelling your property can be done on social media. However, there is a better way. Choose other online real estate platforms such as:

How To Deal With Squatters in Arizona

Arizona is an odd state in that it has laws that allow squatters to occupy properties. The Adverse Possession Law stipulates that unoccupied land may be occupied by squatters for up to two years.

Arizona’s Adverse Possession Law makes it difficult for property owners to evict squatters. You will need legal advice for your eviction efforts.

Nonetheless, this law does not prevent you, the property owner, from serving notice. This can require squatters to either vacate your property or pay rent. Whichever course of action you wish to take, you need to carry it out within two years of the occupancy.

File a Quiet Title Lawsuit

A quiet title lawsuit sets in motion a process wherein the courts confirm your property ownership. A quiet title lawsuit challenges any Adverse Possession claim and puts you in a position to evict squatters.

Notify The Police To Help With Removal

A workaround for the Adverse Possession Law is the Guest Removal Law. Under this law, you can claim or treat the squatters as “unwanted guests”. The Guest Removal Law licenses your removal of said squatters from your property.

Serve Up Notices

Notices can remain effective for five to 10 days upon being served. They can require the squatters to do any of the following:

  • Pay rent
  • Fix damages
  • Vacate the property
sell my house fast as isLooking To Sell Your Abandoned Property Quickly? Sell It To Doug Hopkins!

By now, you will have learned how complicated selling abandoned property can be in our fine state. Luckily, there is a quick and easy way to get rid of your property for some quick and easy money.

At Doug Hopkins, we have extensive experience in buying abandoned houses:

  • As-is
  • Quickly
  • At a value you can be happy about!

Do you need fast cash for your abandoned property in Arizona? Sell my house fast even an abandoned property to us at Doug Hopkins!


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