Selling Your House Due to Unemployment or Bankruptcy

Are you struggling greatly with finances due to unemployment? Or perhaps you’ve had to go so far as to file for bankruptcy? Sometimes, when a person is so deep in debt, or so far behind on bills, the best thing a person can do is sell their house. Naturally, you don’t want to lose your home, on top of everything else that you have lost, but, when you sell your house for cash, you are not really losing. Imagine losing the same house to the bank, because you can no longer pay your mortgage, or having to sell at a very low price just to pay your bills. Selling your house for a lump sum of cash could be the immediate solution to your money problems.

Cash In Hand Fast

Sell MY house Fast Phoenix AZNeed to “sell my house fast” due to bankruptcy? We pay cash for houses, and we are in the business of closing deals fast. When you sell to Doug Hopkins, you aren’t waiting while a potential buyer applies for a loan or shops around for the best interest rates.

Our Phoenix home buying company specializes in closing house sales as quickly as possible. We are in the business of investing in houses that need buyers ASAP, which means that you won’t have to wait long at all to close a cash deal.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different from a traditional home buyer? We are a property investment company, and we aim to buy and sell houses as quickly as possible. Our process involves buying houses quickly, making repairs and improvements and then reselling them at a profit. You can rest assured that you will sell your house quickly when you work with us.

From frustrations with realtors who can’t move your house to an urgent need for cash, we can make that sale happen for you fast. We are even interested in houses and property types that are typically difficult to sell, so don’t worry about having an unusual situation. Whenever you’re ready to sell, we are here to help you get back on your feet with cash in hand for your house.

Do Houses That Need Work Qualify?

Yes, we do buy houses that need a lot of work! We consider each house we come across as a potential investment even if its in bad shape, and any renovations and repairs that may be required are simply part of that as is investment. We purchase houses in a full range of conditions, from newly built homes to dilapidated fixer-uppers.

Rid yourself of that house selling stress today and give us a call! We are ready to invest in your house with a cash sale that will add to your bank account in no time.

Selling Due To Job Loss

sell my house tempe azWhen you lose your job, your entire life changes over night, and existing financial strains are immediately increased. For many people, there is no other option but to sell their homes in order to pay bills and get back on their feet. The difficulty lies in selling your house fast enough, because if you can’t sell quickly, you will very soon find yourself deeper and deeper in debt.

But there is a solution! We can put cash in your hands very quickly when you sell your house to us. Instead of waiting around for a buyer or paying for a realtor, sell to us, and you’ll have a quick sale and money in the bank.

Further, we are dedicated to giving you a fair price for your house. Unlike some cash buyers, we are not going to rob you blind when you most need the money. Of course, we are looking for an investment that will turn a profit, but we are also interested in helping you avoid debt and foreclosure by giving you the best possible price that we can.

Are You Headed For Foreclosure?
If you’ve recently suffered a job loss, you may be concerned that your house is headed for foreclosure. While this, together with bankruptcy, is a very real possibility, you do have other options!

Selling your house quickly is the best possible option when you are facing job loss, bankruptcy or foreclosure. But the market isn’t always moving fast, and it can be hard to find a cash buyer right when you need one, so what do you do? Sell to a cash investor who will put money in your hands before you know it. Unlike a private buyer, our company can facilitate a sale for you very quickly, so you don’t have to wait months for your money.

Isn’t Selling Houses Complicated?

You’ve probably heard that selling your house will be a long, complicated process, but that does not have to be the case if you sell to us! As cash house buyers, it is in our best interest to make a sale as quickly as possible, and that’s always good news for you.

By avoiding unnecessary steps, we will get all the Arizona legal paperwork ready for you to sign very quickly. We aren’t going to drag out a sale for no reason, and we aren’t going to make you a lowball offer, either. We’re here to help you, just as your house can help our company.

Oh, and don’t forget: we buy houses in any condition! So don’t be afraid to give Doug Hopkins a call, even if your house is damaged, inherited or in need of renovations. These kinds of homes are our bread and butter, and we are eager to buy.

Don’t let your unemployment lead to bankruptcy and foreclosure. Call us today to speak to a friendly, helpful member of our team, and let’s get that house sold for you fast!

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